Listen Spotify with Chromecast and DLNA using Plex

Spotify still lacks of Chromecast support, even it has been requested a lot. Android have options, but other platforms don’t.

A couple of months ago Plex added Chromecast support and it actually works very well. Beside streaming local files, also you can transmit online channels (which can be added to Plex using plug-ins). Great way to turn your old TV in a real smart one.

Using this feature, I thought I could replace my previous ps3 media server with this and have Spotify in a more “native” way in my living.

After some searching I found this, which works very well inside Plex but not so well for streaming (at least for me). Its creator is already working in a complete API refactoring which will probably fix a lot of problems, but the fact is I didn’t want to wait so I fork it and tried to fix it without a full redesign.

The Spotify API it uses is not the official one, so it can stop working and it can even stop working for ever if Spotify decides to block it someday. But while this doesn’t happens, it works and works well.

I have implemented: search, browse, discover, radio and your music collection.

The installation is done by hand, just grab the bundle from Github and copy it to your Plex plug in folders (in ubuntu is ‘/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins’)

Here is the link:

Hope you find it useful as I did